Saturday, September 3, 2011

Working Mom

My name is Mrs. Howard and I am a working mom.
I want to do it all, but don't know how.
Sometimes when I'm at work, I'm dreaming of being home.
Other times when I'm at home, I can't help but think about everything I need to get done at work.

I sometimes feel guilty.
Other times I feel sad.
Often times I feel like it's an impossible task.

I stay up at night thinking about how to do it all.
I wake up early so I can be present for my kids.
I dream about napping when I lay my kids down, but clean the house or do laundry instead.

I love being a teacher, but it's hard.
I love being a mom, but it's hard.
I love being a wife, but it's hard.

I am a mom, nurse, teacher, maid, laundromat, wife, lover, cook, and life coach.
My name is Mrs. Howard and I'm a working mom.

And because I so want to see this movie...


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