Monday, October 17, 2011

Are you getting sick of baby pictures yet?

In all those twin facts I did when I was pregnant, one fact I don't think I ever wrote and a question we get asked A LOT is about fraternal twins and how alike they are.

Did you know that fraternal twins are no more genetically alike than siblings? So, Aiden and Isabella are no more genetically alike than Isabella and Connor are. Aiden and Bella just happened to be hatched at the same time.

 Bathtime is hard on days when Mr. Howard has class and I'm home with all three. I'm usually trying to occupy and distract Aiden and Isabella, while Connor bathes. So this past week, we put Aiden in the tub with Connor. It went really well and Connor was soo gentle with him. We decided on putting the bumbo in the tub because we figured it was the safest, easiest way to put Aiden in the tub without the fear of him going under the water or Connor being too rough. It made it so much easier on me too because I could hold Isabella and then just watch Connor and Aiden.
 Connor kept pointing to his little brother and saying, "funny!" You know how when kids get excited they smile and bite down and kinda shake (am I explaining that well at all? Can you picture what I mean...)? Well that's what Connor did when we put Aiden in there with him! He gave him a hug and smiled really big and shook with excitement!

I just hope they are the best of friends some day!


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