Friday, October 7, 2011

Auntie Jen

When we decided to go to the wedding, we asked Jen and Brett if we could stay with them and they were so gracious to let us come! We decided early on that it would probably be better to leave Connor in Sacramento and take the babies with us (traveling six hours in the car with a two-year-old and two infants, while do-able, didn't seem like the best plan). At first we thought it would be great if we could have the Gentrys watch them (stay tuned for a post all about our visit with them), but because the wedding was in LA, it didn't make sense.

We were able to hang out with Jen and Brett Friday evening, Saturday morning, and then Sunday morning! It was a very short visit, but it was so much fun! And seriously even if it's only five minutes we get to spend together, she can make me laugh and smile!! The first thing she said to us when she walked up was, "Are they twins?" Haha!

Mr. Howard with Aiden, Jen, & Mrs. Howard with Isabella at the beach:
 Occasionally we refer to Aiden as Baby A.
Mr. Howard and Jen spotted this sign and we just HAD to take a photo of our Baby A!
Thankfully they put up with our weird requests, Wahoos. No joke, but every single time we go down to LA we MUST go to Wahoo's. The day that these photos were taken at the beach, we went at 11:15am so we could fit it in before having to drive back to Northern California.

Aiden & Isabella's first beach trip:
 This was the photo Jen and Brett texted us while we were at the wedding and they were babysitting:
Isabella & Mali (Jen and Brett's baby)
Such a short trip! But so much fun!

When I saw this, it made me think of my friend, Jen:
Best friend poem


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