Monday, October 24, 2011

Car Show

On Sunday morning, my parents, Mr. Howard, the babies, and I went to a car show. My mom and I HATE car shows (I mean, really HATE them). But we've been to this one and it's pretty small. The boys walked around it two or three times (because it was so small) and my mom and I kept joking about how we live to be accommodating and flexible...and how we'd be happy to walk around again JUST for them (seriously, we were there for MAYBE 25 minutes - it was sooo short). As an aside, one time my mom and I agreed to go to a car show with them in Reno. It was HORRIBLE. There had to have been 100, 000 cars (okay maybe not really, but seriously there were more than the eye could see). We're always incredibly hesitant any time they suggest going to one now. Normally we stay home.

 I always pick out all three babies' clothes. I'm kinda controlling - okay, maybe VERY controlling when it comes to their clothes. If I'm being fair, it isn't just that I have a strong opinion about what they wear, it's also because I do the laundry and get them ready six days out of seven (Thursday's are the only day I don't have a say...because I'm not home when they wake up) and so I know what fits them and what works well for play outfits, daycare outfits, going out outfits, etc. So imagine my surprise when we took Aiden out and put him in Mr. Howard's front carrier and noticed I picked out the perfect outfit for Daddy's boy. THEY WERE MATCHING! It was so cute!
 Grandpa and Connor:
Connor can now independently identify jeeps, trucks, and porches...gotta start em' young!
 In case you're wondering, Mr. Howard usually wears Aiden and I usually wear Isabella only because he is a little heavier and Mr. Howard's a little stronger. When we carry their car seats, we do the same thing (I carry Izzy and Daddy carries Aiden). 

Don't worry I get plenty of Aiden Snuggles throughout the day! 

Izzy & Mama


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