Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chatter Matter

Connor has been chatting up a storm and it is hard to keep up with everything he knows. My hubby and I will literally stare at each other with our mouths gaping because we can't believe what independent thoughts he's come up with.
  • On the 18th we called Grandma for her birthday and said to Connor, "Say happy birthday," and he started singing the happy birthday song (not to any recognizable tune, of course).
  • He's really got the "Daddy's working. Mama's home...Mama's working? Daddy's home" concept down. In the morning he goes over who is where with whoever gets him up.
  • Isabella was crying and Connor went over, poked his head into her carseat and started talking to her very sweetly. I couldn't make out what he was saying, but he was shaking his head up and down at her; so he obviously wanted her to agree with him. Oh my heart!
  • Isabella was giggling up a storm the other day and Connor got a kick out of it! "Mama? Izzy funny!"
  • Connor has a "lovie" (an item that calms him down and helps him sleep). His particular lovie is a monkey my sister bought him and he's kinda obsessed (even taking it with him to time out). A few weeks ago we left it on daycare. I literally almost called them Saturday because Friday was kinda a nightmare. I love the lovie for when it works for us, but my-oh-my when we don't have causes such problems!


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