Sunday, October 9, 2011

ER Visit

Aiden's little hospital bracelet
About a week and a half ago, Aiden came down with his second little cold. His congestion continued to get pretty bad, until Sunday night when I felt like it had taken a turn for the worse. We called an advice nurse and she told us what to look for and explained that all his symptoms were consistent with the end of a cold. That night we watched for more serious symptoms, but all seemed pretty good.

In the morning when I was home by myself, I undressed him to put him in his clothes for daycare that day and I could see him panting. He also looked like he was hiccuping and his skin was wrapping around his rib cage. It freaked me out pretty badly so Mr. Howard called an advice nurse. I thought for sure they'd schedule him an appointment that day. I got all the babies in the car and drove them to daycare. The plan was that Mr. Howard would come pick Aiden up for whatever doctor appointment he was able to schedule. I literally dropped him off and pulled out of the neighborhood when I got a call from Mr. Howard saying they wanted him in the Emergency room right away. I turned around and went to pick him up.

Mr. Howard left work and met me at the ER (it was after 8am and I can't call in a sub that I knew I'd need to leave the hospital after I got him settled) where they saw us within 5 minutes of arriving. The doctor was so sweet and kind and she listened to his lungs right away. She said they sounded really good and it didn't seem like there was anything to be too concerned about (although she said, it's always better SAFE than SORRY). She said she'd get our dismissal paperwork together (we'd only been there for 10 minutes at that point) and she left. A few minutes later she came back and said that she didn't realize he had had a low grade fever and that changed things a bit. So she wanted a chest x-ray done on him. At that point it was already after when I needed to be at work, so I gave him kisses and daddy kisses and left (can I just tell you how much it stinks to be a teacher in that instance? I hate that we can't just call in sick and trust that someone will be there to take care of your class!!).

Thankfully, the chest x-ray came back negative for any fluid or pneumonia. So he was cleared to go back to school. (And now, can I just tell you how much it stinks that Mr. Howard doesn't have a job he can do from home?!? He needed to go back to work!!). Thankfully our daycare wrote us a note that day saying that they snuggled with him all day and he seemed pretty happy.

He still sounds pretty congested, although he seems pretty happy. I just don't know at what point you say, "'s time to take him back to get him checked?" He hasn't had a fever, but I remember Connor having a low grade fever and then having it turn into the beginning stages of pneumonia. I also am feeling the mommy guilt that I'm not able to nurse him anymore. Poor guy could really use my antibodies now!


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