Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fifteen Weeks Old

Isabella is SUCH a smiler. Her smiles are big and bright and all encompassing. Aiden doesn't have as big of smiles, YET!! But what he lacks in smiles, he makes up for in words. He is just constantly chit-chatting and I adore it. I wish I could know what is going on in that big little head of his!

This week we decided we needed big brother in the teddy photo with the babies. Want to know why? Check out the photo after the one below. 
 They look so happy don't they!? The photo beow was a disaster!
 My brother and his girlfriend, Rebecca, got us these ADORABLE outfits for the babies!
They surprised Connor in the mail!
 Wonder how you carry two babies that can't hold their heads up?
 Aiden's Sweet Tiger Butt
 Aiden & Izzy
Have I mentioned how wonderfully blessed I feel?!?

On Saturday I was home by myself. It always creates a little anxiety in me beforehand, but it always goes so well! I texted a few friends the following message: Three dogs + three babies + one Mama - one Daddy = chaos! There was a moment when, and I'm not joking, all three dogs were barking and both babies were crying and Connor was literally throwing dog food across the house. I could have lost it. Instead I smiled. I am so lucky. So lucky.

Today Mr. Howard, Connor, and I had a dance party to Happy Feet. Someone tell me how I can freeze time! It's impossibly hard for me to believe that some day Connor won't desperately WANT to have dance parties in our living room. Heartbreaking!


Amy Walton said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Don't worry, you have a few more years...that is one of Kylie's favorite activities too ;)

Natalie Catherine of said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

oh my gosh..the photo of your husband holding the two babies is soooo cute!! Haha. you guys seem so sweet. saw your comment on my blog and loved hopped over. following you and excited to be bloggy friends! :)

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