Sunday, October 16, 2011

Our October 15th

Last year on 10/15 we had just lost Cole and we weren't ready to participate in any remembrance ceremonies, but this year we went to a Balloon Release in our hometown!

Aiden, Isabella, Connor, & Daddy
The outside message (we also wrote messages and put them inside the balloons): 
 Daddy's Balloon:
 Mama and Connor in his "My Little Brother is an Angel in Heaven" shirt!
The sky was seriously breathtaking!
We all stood in a circle and they read each baby's name outloud.
When they said Cole's name, we released our balloons! It was perfect!

Afterwards we came home and lit our candle (at 7pm everyone is to light a candle all over the world!):
Mama, Daddy, & Cole's Candle: 
 We couldn't figure out how to put the babies in the photo:
 We explained to Connor that we were lighting a candle in his little brother's honor. He said, "Cole?"
Last night we thought about all our friends and families who also have lost a little one.

Here are the candles we received via text:
(from The Handl's):
 (From my brother, Colin, and Rebecca):
 (From Mr. Howard's Parents):


QueenVII said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

So beautiful and meaningful. I am glad you guys were able to memorialize him in such a simple and beautiful way.

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