Saturday, October 8, 2011

Quick Little Stories I don't Want to Forget

*Some of these are facebook repeats!*

  • One of my students said "Mrs. Howard you're the best teacher in the WHOLE WORLD!!!" Looooooong pause..."Well...maybe just at Orchard School!" Ha! Way to be realistic!
  • Connor said, "Mama? Hair pretty!" right when I was trying to put him in time-out.. He is oh-so-wise!
  • After Cole's birthday, Connor wanted a piece of Cole's birthday cake. We don't give him sweets, except on rare occasions (like when we're out at a party or something). We'll give him a bite or two of frozen yogurt or we often give him frozen gogurts for a "special treat" (by the way...when he wants a gogurt, he'll say "Mama, Special Treat?!?") So, I told him he couldn't have any cake. Then I turned to change a diaper (I don't even think I left the room...but my memory is pretty bad). I turned to look and he had moved his bumbo chair over to the counter and just helped himself to the cake. I have to give him creativity and self-direction points!
  • Aiden was very sick and he needed to be in his chair to sleep (so he was more upright). All night he slept like a log - poor guy felt horrible, I'm sure. But Isabella...she, on the other hand, freaked out! She was up every fifteen minutes CRYING because her brother wasn't in the bed. Poor girl!
  • We're still working on getting Connor to tell us BEFORE he has to go to the bathroom (rather than afterwards) and so when we notice he is going in his diaper, we point it out to him. A week or so ago, he was standing in the corner (huge red flag!) and I asked him if he was going. "No!" he said, while shaking his head wildly back and forth. "Are you sure?" I said. "Mama? Dog barking!" he quickly changed the subject. "I know the dog is barking, but are you going to the bathroom?" I said again. "Mama? Baby cry," he said. *P.S. the dogs were certainly not barking and neither baby was crying. The little smartie was trying to offer me a diversion! HILLARIOUS!!
  • Connor just figured out how to put -ing on his words. It's amazing how his vocabulary and sentence structure has changed. A month ago all of his verbs were in the simple present tense (go, walk, work, cry). Now everything is in the progressive present tense (baby crying...Daddy working...Mama driving...). Isn't it amazing that none of that is taught? How is it that they can just figure out when to do that appropriately? He doesn't add -ing to nouns or adjectives...only verbs. INSANE!
  • Connor can say, "Connor," "car," "come," "Katie," (get the pattern?), but can't say "kiss." He says "miss," instead. How strange is that!
  • I have probably seen Finding Nemo 3,000 times and Cars about 2,000 times. And I can't even tell you how many times we've denied him watching one of them (maybe about another 4,000-5,000 times). That boy is desperate for Pixar Films. The second he walks in the door, I hear, "Nemo? Maaaaammmmaaaa Nemo? Mama? Nemo?" He pronounces it a little more like the following, though: "Neeeemo." He also says "Ooh ha ha," and "ah hoo ah hoo ah ah ah ah..."
  • If you're offended by fowl language, then you won't appreciate this...but there is this HILLARIOUS book called Go the F to Sleep. Those of you with toddlers or those of you who have ever tried to put a toddler to sleep will think it's comedic!


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

when Taylor was younger, she could say mama, more, move, money and a few other M sounds, but when she would say things like Megan and milk, she would replace the M with N, so it was negan and nulk. She still to this day struggles a bit. We actually made it a goal on her IEP to work on that. =)

Mrs. Howard said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I asked our speech pathologist why he does this (I know, I'm paranoid!). It has something to do with the way you produce the /ka/ or the /kaw/ sound versus the /ki/ sound. They're different sounds. Makes sense...but it seems so odd!

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