Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Three Times Better With Just One Letter - ΔΔΔ

Myths about sororities:
(1) They are just a means to party and drink
(2) You are buying your friends
(3) Hazing is inevitable

I could preach for hours about how these things are soo untrue. When I was a senior year in college, there was a "reality" show on television that was called "sororities." It glamorized hazing, drinking, and the stereotypes that "real" sorority girls have been trying to combat for generations. It obviously existed, hence the reality show, but it was done primarily for television. They were not a national sorority, part of an organization called Panhellenic (which governs and regulates sororities). Unfortunately, it is shows like that and the millions of movie scenes that make sororities look like a bunch of dumb, ditzy, airheads. And that could not be farther from the truth.

My sorority worked tirelessly to fundraise for St. Jude (by the way, Tri Delta is nationally known and recognized for their contributions to St. Jude - see this St. Jude website). In fact, just recently Tri Delta had a goal to raise $10 million in 10 years and they met the goal in just FOUR YEARS!

While I am a champion of finding a cause and donating to it in anyway you can, I can honestly say that for me tri delta has meant a sisterhood in every possible way. The friends that I have made are truly my sisters. They are my confidantes, my friends, my shoulders to cry on, my sanity, my soft place, and soo much more. It is for this reason that I always try to visit the girls I came to know and am proud to call my sisters every time I go down to Southern California. And visit them I did - this past Saturday! I wish I could visit everyone (we need reunions!!), but I always make it a point to visit with the ones who've played the biggest role in my life!
 Madison, Aiden, and Isabella
 Auntie Amy and Isabella
 Joe, Amy, Brett, Allison, Jackson, Jen, Isabella, & Aiden
Oh my Gosh! Look at those ruffles!
 Isabella and Aiden
 Paige and Jackson
 Amy, Me, & Izzy
 Allison, Madison, & Aiden
 My sorority sisters: Amy, Sara, Jen, & Allison (plus a bunch of kids)
 Brett, Mr. Howard, Nate, Joe, & Jack (and a bunch of kids)
Could I ever imagine being this full in life with wonderful friends that night I was standing during initiation, dressed in all white? Could I ever imagine having sisters this amazing that day in recruitment when I fell in love with tri delta? No. And I think that has been what has made this so beautiful!


Megan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Love love love this post! I don't know what I would do with out my Delta girls. And I love finding other sisters out there as well :) Plus, anything about St. Jude just gets my heart pumping!

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