Thursday, October 6, 2011


You may have deduced from my last post that we went to Los Angeles this past weekend. And although I do love my sorority sisters, that wasn't the purpose of the trip. We were there to see Josh and Whitney exchange vows! They had the most beautiful Jewish wedding (I think it may have been the first wedding I've ever attended that was a completely Jewish ceremony - I've been to ones where they've incorporated Jewish traditions and customs). What a beautiful ceremony and how special that Whitney converted! They have the most beautiful one-year-old son, Joshua, too so their ceremony and reception was so focused on their beautiful new family.

Josh and I went to school together (in elementary school? He'll have to correct me on that) and Mr. Howard and Josh went to high school together. He was there with us on our first date (eleven years ago)!!

Here is a panoramic view before their wedding started:

Here they are exchanging vows:
Here we are right before the ceremony!

And here is Mr. Howard right after the ceremony! 
 And both of us after the ceremony:
 And me (we had had an early brunch, so during the cocktail hour at about 7:30 after one glass of wine, I was already a little tipsy!):
 We had SUCH a great time! And it was our second date night in two weeks!

How lucky are we!?! Stay tuned for more posts about where Connor and the babies were!


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