Friday, October 7, 2011

Connor's Weekend

While we were in Southern California for Josh & Whitney's wedding, Connor was staying with Nana and Grandpa. My sister also spent some time with them. She is amazing, too, because she had to work all weekend - so she'd hang out with Connor for a couple hours before she'd go to work.

We got a few texts from them over the weekend with these photos below.

And this video:
It was our very first time leaving Connor for an entire weekend. It was so weird to not have to worry about a little one running around all the time - or worrying about nap times. It reminds me of what it'll be like when Connor is older and we'll be able to do more. While it was a nice breath of fresh air, I missed my little man. I may dream about a quieter house when we're in Temper Tantrum City on Saturday's...but I wouldn't trade my world for anything!

Random story I've been meaning to post about Connor's Grandpa. So, my dad makes fun of my mom for wanting to be called Nana. He thinks it's an old lady's name. Obviously we all disagree. And Connor took to the name immediately! So when Connor started talking really well, he changed Grandpa to Papa. No one called him that. No one taught Connor to say that. He just did it on his own. Yep! My dad got schooled by a two-year-old and now he has an old man's name. Ha!


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

my dad is papa too. he wanted to be called that from the moment my sister had my nephew 20 yrs ago. so it confuses the heck out of my kids when my niece (on Filip's side) calls my sister in law's husband papa. haha

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