Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dancing Babies

I posted this on facebook over Thanksgiving Break.
"This is what my family does when we're bored!"

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap!

We started the day with a group speakerphone call to our family in Southern California. I know it made my dad happy to be able to tell his family "I love you."

The rest of the day was about family, family, family. We just spent time together, laughed, ate good food, and watched the miracle of little kids. Connor is in this AMAZINGLY fun stage where he is just exploring and learning. He can count to five and sing the Itsy Bitsy Spider song (complete with the words "raining" and "theisseessee" - what? those words aren't in your rendition? you're missing out!) and it's just so much fun to see him learn new things. So basically we spent the day off and on sharing stories and playing with kids.

Our little chief...
 And one of our little pilgrims...
 And the other pilgrim!
 Connor made those hats in his preschool. He was so proud of them. He kept telling the babies to "put hat on."
Rebecca and the little pilgrims:
 Remember how I told you I was going to confuse you with those shirts. Yep, here they are again on Thanksgiving Day in their matching Stuffed Turkey shirts! I did end up adding "Stuffed" to them and I think they came out cute!
 Daddy and his Boys:
 Uncle Colin and Bella:
 Aunt Katie and Aiden:
 The first Thanksgiving in my parents' new home:
Mr. Howard, Connor, and Nana:
 My little sister and little brother
Katie and Colin
 My dad intentionally took this photo upside down. In fact, it didn't come out right, so he re-took it purposely upside down. What can I say? He's odd.
 This photo will make more sense when you see the one below. My dad always has to be silly.
 My mom wanted a photo with her grandson and that's what prompted my dad to ask me to take the photo above. =)
 Mr. Howard, Me, and Aiden. I think Izzy slept through Thanksgiving Dinner.
We ended the day (while we all had full bellies and had been cooking and/or running after babies) with the annual Kirkpatrick Christmas Card Photo (it's become a tradition for the last 4 or 5 years). I have ridiculously adorable photos that I will share with you from that day soon (as a little teaser...we dressed Aiden and Isabella up as Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus. No I'm really being serious!).

The older I get (and dare I say, more mature), the more I realize how important family is. This Thanksgiving I am beyond THANKFUL for my family and especially for small and large miracles.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Twenty-one Weeks Old

The babies turned twenty-one weeks old on Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for a few posts for all the fun we had on Thanksgiving. We had high hopes that we were going to give Aiden and Isabella their first bite of rice cereal. But it was a little crazy and we didn't have "time" (if you don't get my reference to "time"...see THIS post). The babies will be five months old in three days. WOW!!!!

Aiden is giggling at us all the time. He just laughs and laughs when we do something fun! Isabella giggles in a much smaller way. She does more of a squeal to show her approval or happiness. They both still have no teeth, but are DROOL MACHINES!!

I caught the tail-end of Aiden's smile in the photo below. Aren't they precious?!?
 Connor was not feeling well in the photo below, but he wanted to be in the photo - so here you have it!
They are so big to me, but are still in the 1st (or is it 1th) and 6th percentile. So small!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Twenty Weeks Old

I'm a week behind on my posts. Stay tuned for the twenty-one week post very soon!

I did something very confusing and put them in their Thanksgiving outfits a week early. The truth is that I was testing them out (with the word "stuffed" I added on there) and I didn't want to change them for their weekly photo. So, now the photo from Thanksgiving day is going to confuse you. Ha! Oh well!

 I know it doesn't look like it, but Aiden really does smile and laugh all the time! He's just camera shy.
A friend said to me a week or so ago, "I don't know how you have the time to do these photos" and it got me thinking. How DO I have the time? I think it's just like anything else in our lives. If we think things are important, we make them a priority. It's the same reason I don't have "time" for laundry...because it isn't a priority. It's the same reason I never find "time" to take out the trash. I'm just busy busy. =) I'm certainly not making a judgement on people who don't take photos. They probably do things I never have the "time" to do. But for me, I want my kids to have these photos. They certainly won't have memories of all the things I did with them. They won't remember how we dressed them up in matching Thanksgiving shirts, or how we dressed them up as Santa and Mrs. Claus for the Kirkpatrick Christmas photo (true story). But they'll have the photos to remember or be tortured and humiliated by.

Bottle Weaning

The time has come for Connor to be a big boy. I could give you a million excuses why we didn't do it sooner, but the bottom line was that we never really thought it was the right time. When he was 1, he was still on formula because he was allergic to milk, so we didn't think that was the right time. When he was 1.5 Cole passed away and Connor became very needy and started waking up multiple times a night. When Connor was 2 the babies were born and we didn't want to take something away from him at the same time the babies came home (lest he associate the babies with a punishment). So here we are.

Not everyone will appreciate this, but I know whenever I have to do something big like this, I scour the blogs for advice. Here is what we did. It might not work for you. I know I've heard a lot of moms say that they have trouble with the crying. I understand and I don't judge. This is what we did and it worked for me and our family.

Day 1 (Sunday, November 20th): We stayed at my parents' house a little later than normal. We came home around 9pm and put Connor to bed. He asked for a bottle and we told him he was a big boy. We heard him cry for about five minutes. He self-soothed. Then cried another 10 minutes and then fell asleep. [I felt bad the first night. Not after the first 5 minutes. I expected that. It was the 10 minutes afterwards. Eeek!]

Day 2 (Monday, November 21st): Morning: I go in to wake him up and see that he found an empty bottle to use as a pacifier (oops!). Night: We put him to bed at his normal bedtime. He cries for 10 minutes. We go in, give him a kiss, rub his back and tell him it's time to go "night night." He asks for a bottle. We explain that he's a big boy. He lies down and we leave. He begins to cry for another 20-30 minutes (off and on - occasionally he'll stop for a good amount of time and we'll think he's asleep and then he'll start again). He is saying over and over and over "water? milk?" I go in with a cup of water and say he can have a sip. He gulps the whole glass down, hands it back to me, and lies down. I leave. He cries for another 4-5 minutes and falls asleep. [This night was harder on me than it was Mr. Howard. In fact, he fell asleep before I even brought the glass of water to Connor.]

Day 3 (Tuesday, November 22nd): We put Connor to bed at the normal time. He asked for a bottle and we again explained that he is a big boy and reminded him that he had a glass of milk at dinner. He cried when we gave him a kiss and shut his door. He cried for only about 5-10 minutes and it was a very light cry (more of a whine). [Hooray! I'm seeing progress!]

Day 4 (Wednesday, November 23rd): We put him down much later than normal (we were at my parents' until about 8pm. He went right down without any crying.

Day 5 (Thursday, November 24th): We put Connor down at his normal time, but we were at my parents' house. He cried for about 20 minutes (but he was crying out for his Uncle Colin, Becca, Nova, Nana, Papa, Daddy, Mama, Katie...anyone he thought might come get him). I honestly think it had less to do with the bottle as much as it did that he could hear we were still up having fun. I went in there and rubbed his back. He cried for another 20-30 minutes.

Day 6: (Friday, November 25th): Naptime: Connor went right down. He woke up after about 15 minutes asking for Nova (my brother's dog). He cried for about 10 minutes and then went down again. Bedtime: Connor cried for a little bit (maybe 5 minutes and then went down).

I think we have officially weaned him from the bottle!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Do you want to vote?

It may be a long shot and if it is than that's okay, but we entered Aiden and Isabella into a tinyprints "cutest baby" competition. If you want to vote for them, click this link:!/tinyprints?sk=app_305143176166872&app_data=dd19526f45b3819df920b495b63649b3

You can vote once a day!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

What We are Thankful For 2011 Edition

My Husband
We will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary this summer and this past month we celebrated eleven years together. Wow! How did that happen?!?

Our Kids
Aiden Patrick

Isabella Lynn

Connor James

Our Family

*I don't have photos of all the family I'm thankful for...but I am thankful for them!*

Our Friends

*There are some friends not pictured!*

Our Doggies

Our Health
Our Home

There are people I couldn't find pictures of, but they are equally as important to me. Just to name a tiny few: John, The Arizona Dunlaps, The Texas Dunlaps, The Dunns, The Shains, Susan...and so many more! We are soo blessed!
I started this in 2008 Here are my past posts: 2008 and 2010

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