Saturday, November 19, 2011

Connor's Chatter Matter

Wow! We are talking up a storm over here. It is insane how once a kid starts talking, they just TAKE OFF!!!

"Mama, get it that!" - He hasn't quite figured out that he doesn't need "it" and "that."

"Daddy, I want it that!" - Want is a big concept right now in our household. We're trying to work on the concept of want v. need. Ha!

"Izzy funny!" - We hear several times a day how funny his siblings are. I'll remind him of that when they're two and he's four and trying to play with his friends.

"Ada cute!" - We taught him the words "pretty" and "cute" recently. He says, "Bella pretty," and "Ada cute."

"No, no, mama." I rarely hear "no," anymore. Instead I hear the much more kind, "no, no." As if that makes what he's saying so much better. I respond with, "Yes, yes, Connor!"

"On!" He uses this for "on" and "off." "Shirt on, mama?" - meaning he wants it off. "Light on, mama?" - meaning he wants to go to bed.

"Dream?" I go into his room every single morning and kiss him and ask if he had sweet dreams! Now when I go in after a nap or in the morning, he says "Dream Mama! Dream!"

"Time Out!" When he's misbehaving and he knows it, I'll say, "Do you want to go in timeout?" Occasionally, he'll say "Mmhmm...time out!" and go and put himself in timeout. He'll sit for a minute, say "I'm sorry!", give me a kiss, and say "Good Mama?" Oh if only disciplining my 7th graders could be that simple!

"Okay?" When I trip or cough or bump into something, Connor always says, "Okay? Okay, Mama?"

"Ess you!" When anyone sneezes, he makes sure to say, "Ess you!" He did it in the store the other day to someone else.

"Hug?" Connor never learned "up!" in order to be held. I don't know why. We always say, "do you want up?" But he has never said it. Instead he says, "Hug!" This means he wants to be held.

"Hold it?" He doesn't know pronouns yet. Although yesterday I thought I heard him say, "her". The babies are both it's for now.

"Mine!" Ahh! My favorite of all the words. The best is when I explain to him that he is only loaning it because Mama and Daddy actually bought it and paid for it. He just says, "Mine!" louder.

I could go on and on and on and on. But that's it for now. I want to cherish all of this. I know before we know it he'll be saying full sentences with adverbs and adjectives and I'll miss this "baby talk!"


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