Thursday, November 10, 2011

Eighteen Weeks Old

Want to know what two sick babies looks like?
See below!
 My heart always breaks for little babies who are sick, because they have no ability to cough up what they need to cough up...or blow their noses. And try as we might to use that little sucker (I'm sure it has a much more technical name) on their noses, it never seems to work as well as it would if they could just blow!
This week with the time change for Daylight Saving Time, they've adapted pretty darn well. With Connor, I remember when he was one - we decided not to change him. We let him go to bed at 6pm, instead of 7pm and let him get up at 6am instead of 7am. It was just easier to keep his biological clock stay the same (I'm a morning person anyway). So this was the first year we've let Connor change. We're keeping him up until the clock says 7pm (even though in his brain that's 8pm) and we're just going to deal with the tantrums for a week or so.

On facebook you could tell who had kids and who didn't. Those who did have kids cursed the time change and those who didn't, celebrated the extra hour of sleep. Ha!


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