Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun Thanksgiving DIY

I am normally the type of person who doesn't like to post things early. But because I wanted you to see these EASY DIY shirts (so you could make them if you so felt inclined), I am breaking my rule and posting a shirt early. You will have to act suprised when you see them in their shirts on Thanksgiving Day.

I was looking at Pinterest (eeek...addicting!!!) at all the adorable Thanksgiving applique and embroidered shirts, when I suddenly realized that I only own one Thanksgiving onesie - courtesty of Connor when he was little...and...*gasp* have two infants. (See my note at the bottom about my love of holiday shirts.) So I explored Etsy and found gobs and gobs of ridiculously adorable shirts at $15-$20 a piece. Having three kids means that something as simple as $25 (for a shirt plus shipping), becomes $75. And while they are ridiculously adorable and I am INCREDIBLY persuasive, there is absolutely no way I can convince my husband that $75 will lead to a happy wife and adorably matchy kids and therefore get him to consent to said purchase.

So, I searched Pinterest for some easy DIY shirts. Let me put in a disclaimer that I already knew how to applique (if you've never done it should try it - it's super, super easy). You can start by looking at this tutorial for a basic applique. So this project only cost me $9 (the cost of fabric). I already had Heat and Bond (to attach the applique) and the shirts (I just went into their closets and found those white onesies hanging - you know the ones that come in a 5-pack at target for about $9).

Per shirt, that means I only spent $3. I like that price much better than $20. Now I will also add another disclaimer: I do not own a sewing machine, so my appliques are not sewn. I simply do the iron-on part and then understand that once I wash the onesie, the applique may not stay (although, I will say - I have had wonderful experiences. I have several shirts I've made Connor that have lasted 4 or 5 washes in the washing machine, without being sewn in place. I use Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold).

I used this tutorial I found, but I made it mine. Actually, if I'm being husband didn't want the feathers to be all spread out. So I told him he could layer it anyway he wanted to and this is what he came up with. I could, of course, applique letters on to each one and maybe I'll do that. But I'm having trouble finding an easier way to do that (than having to cut out "I'm Stuffed" - that would be 27 letters I'd have to cut out! I have time when they're napping, but not that much time). If I could find a way to have the letters connect (maybe my cricut would do this), I could do that. But we'll see. I may get around to it...or I may do laundry instead. Priorities, right?

So? The finished product?

My Love for all Things Holiday
I have this ridiculous, RIDICULOUS obsession for putting my kids in holiday related wear. It annoys my husband to no end because I am always saying, "I just want to check to see if they have an Easter onesie...or Thanksgiving onesie...or Flag Day onesie." Okay, maybe not Flag Day. But really, it is out of control!

And now I am off to do parent conferences with 60 kids. Wish me luck!!


Andrea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

These are really cute! I had this on my to-do list and never got around the making one. Maybe next year!

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

so cute!!! and for Christmas outfits..go to The Children's Orchard. I almost bought your kids their outfits, but figured it wasn't my place, haha!! but sooo cute!!!

Amy Walton said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I am going to try a similar project this week....wish me luck!!
Thanks for the tutorial

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