Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Life in Photos

Tomorrow is Aiden, Isabella, and Connor's school photo! I haven't picked out what they're going to wear and that's so unlike me. =)

We borrowed a second bumbo chair (Connor refers to them as "bumpy chairs") from a Mothers of Multiples Friend and it has been a lifesaver!

I just seriously, seriously adore him!
 And her

 Do you see how in love with her brother she is?!? That's exactly how she looks at Mr. Howard too. I honestly have no words to describe how in love with her daddy she is. One night I almost started crying because it's just the most precious thing ever!
 Connor and Aiden!
(I didn't buy these outfits to match. The small one was Connor's when he was little and the bigger one he got for Christmas last year)
 Daddy and Isabella after work:
 I was changing Aiden's diaper and looked up to find this! Connor is obsessed. He'll say, "No Ada. No Izzy bumpy chair. Connor bumpy chair."
 This was at my parents' house before dinner.
 Can you tell how much she likes tummy time?!? I know I'm mean, but I laughed for a solid minute after I saw this photo.
 Aiden is actually better at lifting his head, but he is more stubborn and hates it.
 Connor wanted to show me how good he was at holding up his head. Ha!
Aiden and Aunt Katie:
 Right after this photo I dropped the camera because Connor was about to drag Isabella around!
 I cannot imagine my life without these precious babies in it!


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