Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Photos from October

Last weekend Mr. Howard had to work all weekend. I was nervous about it because Saturday and Sunday are my only two days off and I knew I still needed to get the normal stuff done (laundry, dishes, floors cleaned, groceries bought...etc.) but it went surprisingly well. Connor and I even had time for some couch cuddling (he never ever wants to cuddle EXCEPT when he's enthralled with a movie).
It's still been hot here, so on Saturday I undressed the babies and left them in their diapers. They were kinda excited about it because they're always swaddled or wrapped tight.  
 A few weeks ago, Mr. Howard brought the babies to visit me at work and Aiden was dressed from head-to-toe in dodgers clothes.
 Jake, the past few weeks or so, has become quite protective of the babies. I was folding laundry and turned to see Jake standing guard.
 Aiden doesn't have a lot of new clothes. He mostly wears Connor's hand-me-downs, but this was a new outfit we bought just for him!
 Isabella's clothes are a mix of new clothes we've bought her, and clothes my Mothers of Multiples Group gave me!
 Don't judge me, but I prop the bottles for the babies. If I can, I feed them too. But sometimes they need their bottles when they NEED them and I can't always feed two babies at once.
 But sometimes, when I'm in a pickle and the babies keep knocking over the blankets I've used to prop them, I get my Super Helper to hold a bottle at least for about 30 seconds until he gets bored and wants to play or steal the bottle


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