Monday, November 28, 2011

Twenty-one Weeks Old

The babies turned twenty-one weeks old on Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for a few posts for all the fun we had on Thanksgiving. We had high hopes that we were going to give Aiden and Isabella their first bite of rice cereal. But it was a little crazy and we didn't have "time" (if you don't get my reference to "time"...see THIS post). The babies will be five months old in three days. WOW!!!!

Aiden is giggling at us all the time. He just laughs and laughs when we do something fun! Isabella giggles in a much smaller way. She does more of a squeal to show her approval or happiness. They both still have no teeth, but are DROOL MACHINES!!

I caught the tail-end of Aiden's smile in the photo below. Aren't they precious?!?
 Connor was not feeling well in the photo below, but he wanted to be in the photo - so here you have it!
They are so big to me, but are still in the 1st (or is it 1th) and 6th percentile. So small!


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