Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Aiden and Isabella Stockings!

All my photos are still on my camera from Christmas Eve and Christmas, so I'll leave you with these quick ones for today. Mr. Howard had to go into work at 1am this morning and so he'll be home soon. I'm hoping he can get a nap in before we do stuff today!

Aiden was out cold on Grandma! Connor wanted in on the fun:
 Grandma, Connor, and Aiden
 An Isabella Stocking
 What a great Stocking Stuffer!
 Close Up of my precious baby girl!
 My handsome Aiden Stocking
 I just adore this look he's giving!
 Daddy and His Boy (in a stocking! Hehe)
I will recap our holidays soon!
In the meantime I hope everyone is having the most magical time celebrating for the holidays! And Happy Hanukkah Jen & Brett! Hope you have a great celebration tonight!


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