Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Aiden's Kidneys

Just wanted to keep you updated about Aiden's Nuclear Medicine Renal Perfusion Scintiscan Appointment.
 Poor little guy was a HUGE trooper! They had to cath him AND give him an IV. He did really well with the IV, but not so great with the catheter. I'm a pretty tough cookie, but at one point I thought, "Alright. Either you get that catheter in NOW or we're leaving here in about 2 seconds." Eventually they got it in, but only after he screamed for about 10 solid minutes. They were very sweet and they were both peds nurses, so at least I knew they were doing the best they could. He's just so small. I don't think it's super common to cath a 5 month old. He was never even cathed in the NICU.
 They put radioisotope in the IV that allowed them to see where it was going in his kidneys and what type of function they each had. It was pretty crazy because I never saw a scanner or anything on him (it must have been under him). The technician was ridiculously nice and thank goodness because the test lasted 30 minutes and we just sat there together the whole time. Aiden had to be tied down and thankfully he fell asleep about 10 minutes into the test. At one point the technician had to go, so the nuclear medicine doctor came in and was sitting with me. She said, "I don't see any function." and then we sat for about a minute and she said, "well maybe a little."

We're still praying there's no function at all (remember our doctor told us that if there's between 1 and 25% function, it could mean potential surgery to have it removed). We don't have our follow up appointment until February when we actually sit down and discuss options. But I'm hoping that Dr. Orloff will call soon with the results.

I was supposed to have my MRI to look at the tumor in my kidneys. There was a complication with the appointment I booked and now we're waiting to hear back. Isabella has an ultrasound scheduled for January to look at her kidneys.


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