Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Spirit

I added photos to the post about Aiden's Doctor Visit HERE.

On Saturday night we hosted my work's Christmas Party. It was a lot less work than I remember it being last year (and last year we only had one kid to wrangle while we cleaned the house). I think there's something to just letting go. Since having kids, I have let go of so much control. I don't sweat the small stuff. And while I certainly busted my bootie to get the house clean and to my standards, I did what I could do and let go of the stuff I couldn't. Here is the post from last year's party!

I went on Pinterest this year and found this way to display Christmas Card photos. We wrapped our cabinets like Christmas Presents and then hung the cards on the ribbon. Last year I hung one piece of ribbon in my kitchen and attached the cards with clothes pins. I loved it, but the ribbon got long and Connor was trying to grab it. I've found other display ideas I love too and maybe next year I'll try them. 
 A Close Up
 Connor with his "Connor Coffee and Happy Feet Shirt!" Next time I try to steam mop floors, I will do it when he's in bed. He followed me around the house making pictures with his feet in the steam behind me. Then at one point I turned around and saw he had a highlighter in his hand and he was drawing on the floor behind me. Lovely!
We took the baby gates down in our house to make cleaning easier. Everytime we turned around, guess who was under the tree? I love this picture!!!
 Our Baby Girl in her adorable Christmas outfit! She was a big help when we were cleaning. Hehe!
 Aiden's Happy Feet! This was before we started cleaning!
 The Hubby and I before people started arriving!
(*I'm kinda obsessed with scarves right now...It's a phase!*)
We were watching Happy Feet in the background. Can you see?  Aiden and I cuddling before my mom and brother came to pick him up!
 I only snapped a few photos! This was our Gift Exchange (we do real gifts...but the game where you can steal from something that's already out!)
 After Dinner
 We considered putting the primary colored toy gate in our bedroom - away from everyone to see. But it's the reality in our life right now. There were also a few kids who came and we figured it'd be good for them.
 The boys!
The students at my school sign a waiver giving us permission to post their photos on our school website. But I still don't feel comfortable posting their pictures on MY website. So instead, I'll post this photo of our gingerbread houses:

There are times I love being a teacher. I love times like this! We made gingerbread houses with our buddy class (kindergartners). There's nothing like getting in to the Christmas spirit by trying to teach 60 kids 6 periods after they've dipped their fingers in frosting and eaten lots and lots of candy!

The day before we ended for break we all wore pajamas to school. Of course I had to go the bank in the morning. I'm so neurotic that I actually explained to the man standing next to me at Wells Fargo why I was wearing pajamas. He could have cared less. Ha!

A little confession: I'm not finished with Christmas Shopping. Or laundry. Eeek!!!!


LittleDreamer said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

About not sweating the small stuff: I so hear you! Some things in life are just not that important.

And, I would totally have explained why I was wearing pajamas! Who knows what somebody else might think about me... :-)

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