Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Celebration

We had two birthday celebrations for Mr. Howard. One was with our family of five on Wednesday the 14th. We went to Daddy's favorite restaurant Lucilles (mmmm)! We actually started that tradition last year when we went out as a family of three. I snapped a few iPhone photos, but didn't do too much (as always we were a bit of a spectacle). There's just something about seeing two carseats sitting at a table that makes people look and say, "Wow! You have your hands full!" whenever they pass by.
 It has an old timey feel and we sat in the front porch (enclosed).
 We snapped a photo when we got home!
The second celebration was the annual Kirkpatrick family celebration, which was Sunday night. My sister Katie, Denny, Colin, Mom, Dad, and the babies were all there to celebrate and my dad cooked his inauguaral meal on his Green Egg.

We went and got their photos done with Santa before this...hence the outfits!
 Happy Birthday to You...
 Happy Birthday to You...
  Papa and Aiden - He fell sound asleep at dinner!
 Mr. Howard and his red velvet cake!
 Katie and Denny
 It was even better than it looked!
 My mom showing me the cake apparently. Haha!
 He's quite adorable. Don't you think?
 Opening his presents!


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