Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Picture Attempt #2

We tried to get a photo with Santa a few weekends ago. My Mothers of Multiples group invited him to come on a Saturday to see all the twins, triplets, and quads! We were all set to go; I even had their outfits picked out...and then the twins didn't sleep all night. We probably could have made it, but I wasn't sure if it was a cold or teething and I didn't want to expose all the little ones to a potential cold.

Our second attempt was at my work's Dessert with Santa. We thought for sure we would have success in an environment where we could control the picture, where we could let Connor see Santa for a moment to remind himself who he was, and where we could wait for half the time (rather than the mall).

One of my former students (I taught her 5th grade and she is now in high school) sat so patiently with Connor and helped him make his tree. He kept getting distracted and she'd just sit patiently and wait for him to turn back to her and continue to work.
 He made a very good bead Christmas Tree!
 Some of my German students helped out in this room! We were making peppers for our Christmas Tree (a tradition that comes from Germany)!
 I don't often get to see this side of Connor. It's amazing how concentrated he can be! He sat with a marker and drew all over the back of the tree!
 My students got a kick out of seeing me "Wear my Baby!" They thought it was hilarious!!
 I wish I took a picture of the line at Santa, but to say it was crowded was a HUGE understatement. My teacher friends told me that people started lining up at 6pm and didn't leave until almost 8:15. They said that it was INSANE how many photos they took. When we tried to get into line the first time, it was probably close to an hour plus wait. The second time we tried to get in line was at about 7:45pm (and all three kiddos were DONE). The line looked like it had another 45 minutes and that wasn't an option for us!
 This was taken on our way out of the auditorium!
I'm bummed that Aiden isn't looking, but I'm pretty impressed that my camera will fit all five of us in a photo only an arms-length away!

I guess we'll be heading to the mall afterall. I'm so bummed! I am, however, quite excited about these virtual lines popping up at malls (you sign in and they text you when Santa is ready for you - so you don't have to stand around in a line for 2 hours waiting for Santa). 


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