Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sushi and Lights

With Mr. Howard's parents in town, we thought it'd be fun to pile in the car and check out Christmas lights after an All You Can Eat Sushi dinner. It was soooo good! The lights, on the otherhand, were kind of a disaster. We chose a bad night to go, as everyone and their mom and distant cousins decided that was the perfect night to go (it was the night before Christmas Eve). It also happened to be a Friday night, so no one had to work the next day AND there were limo tours going on.

I defininitely want to make this a tradition, but we need to do it earlier in the season next time!

Oh my goodness. Sushi galore. Delicious!
 Beautiful Lights

 I know you can't tell. But that tree above was probably 70 feet tall. How they got those lights on there, I have no idea. They seriously needed a crane!


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