Sunday, July 31, 2011

Big Brother

Connor has become quite enthralled with bottle feedings. He wants to hold the bottle and will get mad when you try to help. He'll say, "Mama no! Help!"

Connor and Aiden:
 Connor and Isabella:
 Daddy, Connor, and Aiden:
Here's this precious video!

A Saturday Out and About

A few have commented that we're brave to take everyone out of the house, but honestly it isn't bravery. It's necessity. We have found that when we keep everyone home, Connor struggles to sleep well; the babies don't sleep very well at night; Connor spends the day in the house throwing temper tantrums and major fits; and Mama and Daddy go insane.
Yesterday we knew we needed to go to WholeFoods to get a nursing supplement (which by the way, is fabulous!! It's called Lactate Support by Gaia Herbs and it has Fenugreek, Fennel, Raspberry leaf, Blessed Thistle, and Marshmallow Root and you only have to take one at each meal - instead of the 9 a day I was taking of just Fenugreek).

We headed over to the Fountains and let Connor watch the show!
 And committed to being a giant spectacle. Ha!
 In the afternoon we took Connor around the block in his Mini Cooper. He loved it! The babies didn't love the heat (nor did Mama and Daddy)!

It was a blast! The more we take everyone out of the house, the easier it gets too.


There is a mama at Kaiser Roseville who delivered twins at 24 weeks. She even had the same high risk perinatologist that we had for Aiden and Isabella's kidney issues (remember all those Level 2 Ultrasounds I mentioned...Dr. Moreno Hunt was the doctor we worked with).

She was released from the hospital and now they are traveling back and forth to the NICU to visit Carter and Easton. I know that she could use your good thoughts and prayers as she goes through the ups and downs of having two babies in the NICU. I can only guess what they are going through right now.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Four Weeks Old

Aiden and Isabella, you have changed so much this week! But you're still soo tiny. People are constantly asking how much you weigh and commenting that you're smaller in person than they ever imagined!

You're still eating every four hours and wearing preemie clothes. It's so hard trying to figure out what sizes to buy you because you're so tiny now. We bought you Halloween outfits today and we had to take a guess what size you'll be in a few months. Hmmm...

This week's photo was R-O-U-G-H. Mama posted all the outtakes to be funny! 


Ever wonder what we go through to get the perfect photo each week?

First MNO!

I went to my first official Mothers of Multiples Moms Night Out and had SUCH a great time!! I honestly could have sat there for hours talking to moms who are going through the same thing. At one point one of the moms said, "Ohhh my milk just let down," and it made me smile. My poor family has to listen to me say that all the time and I'm sure they have trouble relating. But when that mom said it, we all laughed...My! How we all can relate!!

There was even a mom of quads! There's nothing more humbling than talking to a woman who is doing three times more work than you (she also has a four year old).

I can't wait to go to many many more! There is a sense of comraderie and sisterhood with moms of any types, but there's also something so special about talking to moms of twins who are getting the same sort of comments, going through the same struggles (e.g. breastfeeding twins), who've been through the NICU experience, and who you can just laugh with.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Newborn Photos

My sister took these of the twins. She is still editing some, but here is what is done so far.


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesdays

I am linking up with Jamie from LittleDaisyMay for What I'm loving Wednesday!

I am SERIOUSLY in love with pillowcase little girl dresses. There are a million websites that have them and I am in love with all of them. I wish I could sew because I am positive these would be relatively easy (if you only had one pattern)! I REALLY wish I could monogram things because I would love to have one for Isabella with her name on them.

I am loving that my wonderful husband has driven 35-40 minutes to me everyday so that I can nurse the babies on my lunch break. I know it hasn't been easy to pack everyone up and come meet me, but it's been SOO helpful not having to pump while I'm at the training.

I am LOVING the newborn photos my sister took of my family! She truly is fabulous! I'm going to do a post of just these photos, but here's a little sneak

I am LOVE, LOVE, LOVING the Daily Deal site for Twins. HERE is the link for the daily deals for boy/girl twins. But they have Twin Girl Daily Deals and Twin Boy Daily Deals. They have such good prices. I haven't ordered anything from there, but I can't wait to find some deals (maybe some day when we have money...hehe)!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Aiden and Isabella's Birth Announcements

I've been waiting to post these for my blogger readers, until my friends and family had their hard copies arrive. Hopefully they have all gotten there by now.

Here is the front of the Birth Announcements:
Here is the back of the Birth Announcements
I know you can't tell, but these are folded - so they are square cards. 

Monday, July 25, 2011

Connor - 24 Months and a few Weeks

Connor has officially become obsessed with our pool outside. He wakes up every day begging to go in the pool. Isn't he SERIOUSLY adorable in his little hat?!?
 My mom got him these water shoes (below) and he LOVES them! He needs Daddy's help to get them on though, because they're a little tight.
 On Sunday evening we took Connor (and the babies) to the park with Casey, Jessica, Jameson, and Jackson! Connor FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY got brave enough to go into the water!! Can I tell you how excited I am?!? =) I think we've been to this park about 10 times now and he always is fascinated with the water but wouldn't go in it...until last night!
 These are camera phone pics...hence the quality.
(Moms, What on earth did we do before iPhone cameras?!?)
 Look at him! I love it!
 Connor also has been in this naming things phase. Every single thing he sees, he has to name. We drove to my parents' house and he must have said 100 times Nana? Papa? House? Car? (translation: We're going to Nana and Grandpa's house in the car).

He calls the spatula he's holding in the photo below, "patsa"
 He loves the spatula or "patsa" so much, he refuses to put it down!
He is in SUCH a delightful stage! We're having a whole lot less tantrums and "Stop It!" screaming matches (he competes with himself to see how loudly and annoyingly he can shout it at us...occasionally accompanying it with a smack towards one of us - which, by the way, always ends him up in time-out). He just is so observant now and is so wanting to show us everything and tell us everything.

What We've Been Up To...

I, as a teacher, am on a pay scale that is dependent on how many educational units I have. The more education I get, the more I can get paid (up to a certain point). Because of this and because of our recent family additions (and the cost of daycare tripling), I found it necessary to get more units. Last year I attended classes in the evenings, but it takes a long time to accumulate enough hours to actually make a dent in the amount of units I need to move over. So, we saw an opportunity for me to take a week long class this week and jumped at it (Mr. Howard VERY graciously agreed to watch all the babies).

I didn't think I would have a rough time leaving the babies... as I've done it before when I went back to work after Connor AND it's only from 8:30-3:30 AND Mr. Howard was bringing the babies to me at lunch so that I could nurse them...but boy was I wrong. I almost burst into tears seeing my babies in Mr. Howard's car as I was driving away.

I know they didn't miss me a bit, but I sure did miss them. I'm so thankful I have several weeks before I have to go back to work full time!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Three Weeks Old

Aiden has SUCH a chubby face now. I don't know how it happened. First we were petrified he wouldn't make his weigh-in for his circumcision (you must be at least 5 pounds) and then all of a sudden he got this chubby little face. =) Isabella and he are only a few ounces apart in their weight, but he just carries it all in his little cheeks.

Gosh I adore them!
 I love Aiden's double chin in this one and Isabella's scared look on her face.

Aiden & Connor

Mr. Howard thinks I need to feel bad for how hard boys have it with the whole circumcision thing.

I'd like to remind him about the whole menstrual cycle thing we endure EVERY SINGLE the whole pregnancy destroying your whole body the whole "pushing a baby out of you" thing...adding in there the whole "having major surgery in order to deliver TWO babies" thing.

I'm certainly not complaining (because God knows I feel sooo blessed to be able to have a baby), but come little circumcision when you're too little to remember it...yeah I don't think men have it that rough.

Aiden's circumcision went well. Poor guy. It was a longer procedure than I thought it'd be.

Connor was thrilled to spend some time with Nana playing with his new tools!
We're all home, letting Aiden rest, and getting ready to cook dinner! What a day!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aiden's Bath

Aiden waited patiently in the sink while we got everything ready for him!
Daddy gave him his first bath!

 This photo definitely captures Aiden's bath frustrations. Surprisingly, however, he liked it a LITTLE bit more than Isabella did - or at least he didn't scream quite as loudly.

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