Friday, September 30, 2011

What a Crazy Ride We're On!

Last Friday, Mr. Howard and I went on a date night (our first date night away from all three of the kiddos - becuase our last date night, Mr. Howard and I took the babies with us and dropped Connor off).

We themed our evening, The Night of Silliness!

And kicked it off with some very silly faces!
 Especially my husband's silly face!
 And our scrunched up kisses... 
 Okay it's time to be serious!
*Do you see Connor laughing in the background?*
 Connor got dressed in his pajamas and with Monkey in hand, we were off to drop him off to his pizza party and movie night!
*He was still dancing around when we went to pick him up at 10pm. Wonder who he got that from?*
...which reminds me, we ought to have more dance parties in our household!
 We went to Dave & Busters for a night of silliness. We just wanted to not be formal or do anything that might lend itself to falling asleep (honestly had we gone to a movie, I would FOR SURE have fallen asleep). You know, a lot has changed in our life. We've bought a house, had four kids, become career-folks, and fill in other boring adult things (not that having kids is boring...whew! It's the opposite of boring!). But we started dating in high school. And we have this fun, silly side that we don't get to show very often. We love asking each other silly questions. We like competing in games (P.S. because Mr. Howard is an honest man, if you ask him who won most of the games, he'll tell you it was me! He won't want to tell you because he is also a prideful man, but he'll have to tell you! Ask him!!). We love kissing. And talking! Ahhh talking....without worrying about which baby is crying or if Connor is going to throw his food to the dogs!
 We especially love being able to have some adult drinks without our kids.
 In keeping with our theme The Night of Silliness, I ordered a Purple People Eater, complete with purple sugar on the rim!
 And because we were pretending we were in college, we ordered the most ridiculously fattening thing on the menu and we loved it: nachos! Talk about a throwback to college! *Also a throwback to college: being carded! Woo-hoo!*
 Don't forget to ask Mr. Howard who won most of the games - even this one (yep! A car game....)
We really did have SUCH a fun night! I'm glad we opted for a Night of Silliness. We could all use a little more of that in our lives.

And we are for sure going to schedule a few more dance parties in Connor's honor, now that we know he is quite the party animal!

Things we learned:
(1) We still like each other
(2) Purple People Eaters when eaten very fast can cause one to be a little loopy
(3) While Mrs. Howard is a hater of motorcycles, she certainly loves the toy kind!
(4) Connor is a Dancing King - espcially at 10pm
(5) Being silly in front of your kids, inspires wide-eared grins and Monkeys on top of heads!
(6) Being an adult is boring...but being an adult on a date night is like being in high school again!
(7) Nachos are beyond delicious and despite the fact that they are the opposite of Weight Watchers approved, they inspire laughter and living - way more important than getting one's body in pre-pregnancy state!
(8) Despite our 11 years together (yep! You heard it...eleven stinking years!) we can still be just as silly as that first night we met at 17!

Mr. Howard, I more than love you. I adore you!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bath Time

We've been breaking our backs trying to give the babies a bath, so we decided to try giving them a bath in the sink in the kitchen last weekend early in the morning (before Connor woke up)!

We made a great team. I bathed them and Mr. Howard dressed them.

 Aiden and Daddy:
 Isabella and Daddy:
Mr. Howard doesn't like these photos, but I think they are OH-SO-SWEET!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday

** These photos are from a few weeks ago**
I am loving my nighttime cuddles with my babies!
I am loving the skirt and shirt set that a work friend got for Isabella
 (and Aiden's hilarious milk face in the background)! 
 I am loving that the VERY FIRST TIME Isabella smiled, I happened to have a camera AND GOT A PHOTO!!! How often does that happen?!?
 I am loving that my nursing pillow has come in handy for night time cuddles!
 I am loving my boys! How silly is Connor?
 I am loving Aiden's shirt and facial expression in the photo below!
I am loving what a lucky, blessed Mama I am!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A BBQ Party

On the 18th (I know I'm behind) we had some friends over from work who all have kids. I was trying to be a good host, which meant I didn't get a ton of photos.

There were eight adults, a three-year-old, two two-year-olds, an eight-month-old, a six-month-old, a three-month-old, and two two-month-olds. Lots of kids!

Of course a few minutes before Mr. Howard was about to start grilling food, his grill broke. He only had one burner he could use, which meant the food took over an HOUR to cook!! Such is our life!

I'm missing photos of a lot of people, but I assure you they were there!

Monday, September 26, 2011


On days when we get the babies all dressed up, we usually try to coordinate Connor's outfit too. And lately he's been wanting to "hold it," so we've let him "hold" the babies while we take photos! Tell me they aren't just soo precious!!

Pillow Case Dresses

My mother-in-law saw a post I did a while ago (this one) where I mentioned how cute I thought pillow case dresses were and she made me two in two different sizes and I adore them! They arrived last week! I cannot wait for her to wear them!

Here's the bigger one:
 And here's the smaller one:

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Twelve Weeks Old

We had a doctor's appointment for Aiden and Isabella (a nephrology appointment), so we got some weight/height information.

Aiden is 10 lbs 6.5 ounces and 21.6 inches long.

Isabella is 8 lbs 11 ounces and 21.3 inches long. A TWO pound difference...can't you tell in their photos?
 I just realized (apparently I'm a little slow...or in denial...or so tired I could fall asleep now and not wake up for a week) that the babies are going to eventually not be able to fit on the same chair. Hmmm I didn't really think that one through. Ha!
Our teddy bear photos are so not turning out that great! They just fall over!

We have a three month photo to take in a few days! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!?
**Want more evidence that I'm super-duper-duper tired? I apparently forgot to address the card to someone! I always write Look ______ and put our friends' names in them! Oops**

My Parents' House

My parents' bought their forever home almost a year ago and have been making it their perfect, dream home! While they are having fun, it has been a lot of work and almost a whole YEAR to get it all together!

I have this feature on my camera that allows me to take panoramic photos, so Mr. Howard took some at my sissy's birthday party. You can click on the picture itself to make it bigger.

The pool
The front close-up

 The front zoomed out!
They still have landscaping to do, but they just laid all the new concrete driveway!
Doesn't it look amazing?!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

My Sister's 25th Birthday

I'm behind in posting about my sister's birthday (welcome to my life)!

For her party, she invited some friends over to a barbeque at my parent's new house and some swimming! Mr. Howard and I had had a rough night the night before as Aiden and Isabella REALLY did not sleep and we were feeling it. That morning Mr. Howard had a migraine and needed to sleep it off, so in addition to not getting any sleep, I had to watch all three by myself while my hubby slept in bed. I totally feel for him when he isn't feeling well, but Sunday's are our only day with help - it's the only day we're home together. So it's rough when we have to do it by ourselves. It's especially rough when Connor knows Daddy's home and keeps calling, "DADDDY!!! DADDY?"

So we all felt a little frazzled when we went to the party; additionally, neither of us felt like going swimming, but we knew someone had to watch Connor in the pool - thankfully, my sister agreed to take him in with her (at her own party, nonetheless). Thanks Katie!

A new common occurrence: Let's pose for a family photo...and Connor's off running!
 Isabella Lynn
 Connor had so much fun!
 Playing with a squirt gun!
 Feeding Babies
 Aunt Katie and Her Nephew
 Aiden Chillaxing
 Grandpa and Connor
 Most of the time Connor looks so big to me, but look at him here!
 Mama and Aiden
 Daddy, Connor, Nana and Isabella, Grandpa (I had Aiden)
 Mama and the Babes
 Our second attempt at a family photo - and Connor is off running again!
 He found a giant piece of wood!
 Aunt Katie and Connor

 Aiden Patrick
 I asked Mr. Howard if I could take a picture of him and this is what he did....
 Okay, be serious!
 Be still, my heart!
 Dance, Dance!
 I loved watching the boys do the dance game!
 Happy  Birthday, Sissy!
 And time for gifts!
 So fun!
 Mom and Dad

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