Saturday, January 14, 2012

30 Months Old

Even though I don't take pictures of him in a chair each month and document his growth in a consistent way with a post dedicated to his age specifically, I feel pretty confident that he is very well documented through other posts. But 30 months old was something I just felt I had to document! I mean, 30 months?!?

Yesterday as I was leaving the house I said, "Goodbye My Handsome Boy!" and he responded, "Bye Pretty Mama!" I mean, seriously! I know that it was fed to him by my adorable husband, but it was still the most precious thing you could hear a 30 month old say!

He's still in size 2T and 18 month clothes (which is nice because we got a lot of use out of last year's winter stuff). He is wearing size 5 diapers. He honestly is soo close to being potty trained. As soon as we have the next big break I will do it. But now it just doesn't make sense because I would have to send him in to preschool every day. I need to do it when I can be home with him.

When we're home together on the weekends, we have a "Big Boy Underwear Only" policy (P.S. I did NOT institute the policy. My 30 month old did). Can I also just add that for all you mamas out there whose kids are older or younger and you're worried about potty training. One day it will seriously just click. If that day is when they're 3 or 18 months, don't stress. It has NOTHING to do with your Mama skills.
 I have heard (and I could be wrong about this) that for girls, talking "clicks" at around 18 months and for boys it "clicks" around 2. That is spot on with Connor. At 2, he suddenly woke up and decided that he wanted to talk in sentences. And it is insane to me that he is able to figure out the appropriate contexts for words. A couple days ago we were getting in the bathtub. He said, "Mama, Mater too?" meaning he wanted to take one of his cars from Cars in the tub. I said, "Sure we can take Mater to the tub." "Mama, Finn too?" Obviously we never explicitly taught him the "too" word, but just from hearing us say it, he started using it. I think language is just so magical.
He eats everything we eat. My heart goes out to all you Mamas who struggle with food and your toddlers. We did go through a period where he wanted what he wanted and had a few tantrums. I had a few "What Do I do?!?" Mama moments...and a few "do I give him waffles if that's all he'll eat?" moments.  But for the most part, we've been blessed (and I say blessed because I don't think it was anything we did). If we're eating steak for dinner, he eats steak. If we're eating sushi at a restaurant, he eats sushi at the restaurant. We don't make him separate meals. We may just adjust what we're eating slightly. For instance, last night we had shredded chicken burritos for dinner. Instead of making him a burrito, I made him a plate of shredded chicken, cheese, avocado, sour cream, and rice - mixed together and then heated up a tortilla for him to eat on the side. He still doesn't have the fine motor skills to hold a burrito, but I wanted to expose him to all the ingredients. We are also very conscientious of giving him things that we don't like. For instance, I hate oatmeal. Hate. Loathe. Detest. I have always wished I liked it. Connor eats it by the platefuls. Sometimes it's hard because Mr. Howard and I both don't eat it (which means we don't buy it), but I try to expose him to it at my mom's house or at a restaurant.

Connor is such a good big brother. I absolutely, positively cannot imagine him not being one. To be able to see him interact with the babies, cements in my mind the reason we had more children. I know he would have led a full life if they hadn't been born, but I think his life will be so much more rich and happy with his baby sister and brother in it. I never in a million years could have imagined or guessed the sides of Connor that come out with Aiden and Isabella. Normally he is rambunctious and loud and all over the place. With Aiden and Izzy, he is patient, loving, kind, nurturing, soft, protective, and careful. He will walk over and touch one of their cheeks softly for no reason when no one is looking. He asks for them in the morning. He must kiss each one 15 times before bedtime. He includes them in his prayers. He shows them new things that he learns or makes. And all three of them will be here together long after Mr. Howard and I go to spend time with Cole and that makes my heart happy. So happy. If I feel one burden as a Mama, it is wanting so desperately to nurture the relationship of my children with each other. It's something I lay awake in bed thinking about and I pray that it will be the legacy I leave my children. Wow. Mom really taught us to love each other and be friends.

He is such a good sharer. Too good, in fact. It's why, I think, he has such a hard time understanding that some things are just the babies (like their bottles). He is always giving them his toys, getting clothes out of his closet to "change the babeeeeeez," and trying to pry open their mouths to put food. I attribute this way less to anything we did and way more to the fact that he was 6 weeks old when he started going to daycare. He learned REAL fast REALLY early that what's his is everyone's and vice versa. Of course at our house his toys have always been his, but for now he doesn't mind sharing (I also fully realize that they are only six-months-old and aren't in all his stuff yet. This could totally change when they are one and into all his Mater and CARS toys).

He is working on colors - right now he calls everything red or blue automatically. We sing the ABC's and he sings with us, but he is nowhere near knowing them by heart. We try to point out letters to him when we read or draw them in the bath, but again, he's nowhere near knowing them. The wonderful thing about being a teacher, is that I know that kids learn at different times. Some kids know their ABC's early and some don't. In the end, it's all a wash. Whether you learned to read at 2 or 6, it isn't when you learned, it's how much you enjoy it and how much you desire to learn more. Sometimes I have to remind myself of that fact though.

To think that 30 months ago (actually since it's the 14th and I know specifically what we were doing 30 months ago exactly) we were holding our precious boy in our arms taking his very first set of professional photos, in wonder and awe of the amazing boy we had just delivered - makes me remember how special and wonderful life is. We tried for about 15 months to conceive him and then were blessed with a magical pregnancy and even more special birth. I think, also, that experiencing infertility and the loss of a child has made us so much more appreciative of the tantrums and meltdowns and hugs and laughter. We are blessed. And our special boy, Connor James, was simply the beginning of our blessed journey...

And just because I can, here is us exactly 30 months ago:


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well, I know what little man is eating at MY house when I get him next month!!! Oatmeal allll day! lol. We love it here! Have you tried steel oats? I personally like it more than rolled, but it is more pricey. Something to try! =)

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