Monday, January 9, 2012

A Few Videos

Diana said I need to post some more videos because she is getting tired of watching the same ones over and over with Sophia. Hehe!

We tried solids for the first time on January 2nd!

I was trying to send Mr. Howard a video on my iPhone of the babies in their outfits on Sunday and Connor kept stealing bottles. This is our new battle. I should also explain that Connor is in big boy underwear. We had an entire five hour period where he had no accidents. He asked me to use the potty three times and each time went potty like a big boy. Thanks Grandma and Nana for the Christmas big boy underwear! Now if only one of you would come and finish potty training him, that would be the REAL Christmas present!


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"I liked the babies spitting out it. I liked the solid food one. Connor's swiping Isabella's bottle! Why was Isabella spitting her food out?" ... Sophia LOVED these clips! (Her momma did, too!)

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