Monday, January 23, 2012

Foods, Couch Cuddles, Fevers, and Adorable Kiddos

I feel so guilty. I used to hear other moms say how much harder it was to get things done with more kids and I imagined it, but until you live it - it really is just infinitely unbelievable! Even I surprise myself with how little I get done. One thing I've been feeling soo guilty about is solids with the twins. With Connor we started solids and were pretty consistent - rice cereal for lunch or dinner, and then stage 1 foods, and 2, and so on.

With the twins, we have done solids about 3 times (and they're almost 7 months). It's just hard to fit it in regularly (and yet, ironically, I have time to take a million and five photos of them...priorities, right?). We're trying to get a little better about giving them food when we feed Connor dinner, but this means that Mr. Howard and I don't get to sit and eat (maybe that will help with my desire to lose about...100 pounds...alright I'm being a slight drama queen, but really!)
Don't they just look like they LOVE food?!?
Yeah. They actually hate it.
These were taken Sunday. It's kinda ridiculous how adorable they are!
I have been having fun in Photoshop and downloaded a few fun actions to brighten the color in my photos. I had some fun with these couch pictures.
Yep. This is what I do when I'm home by myself with the kids. I dress them up and take photos.
The babies NEVER fall asleep in our arms. And Saturday night I had two babies fall asleep on me in ONE night!

First it was Aiden...
And then it was Isabella...
At the time I thought it was so sweet. Now I realize it was because they were getting sick. Poor babies!

Today I got a phone call at about 10am from daycare saying Isabella had a 102 fever and we had to come get her. My mom, very sweetly, went and picked her up and then Mr. Howard left work early to snuggle with her. Then at 4pm, we got a second call telling us that Aiden also had a 102 fever. 
I'm pretty impressed that we made it 7 months without either baby getting a fever, but my heart just breaks for their little achy bodies, runny noses, and congested chests.


Life in Dawleywood said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

poor babies. I hope they feel better soon! That is an adorable pick of the three kids together!

Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

cute pics!!! =) hope they feel better soon!!

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