Monday, January 30, 2012

Seven Months Old

Ahhh! Seven Months Old! Aiden just gets seriously more and more adorable by the day. Oh he just melts my stinkin heart!! I need to dig out the picture of Connor in this same outfit because I think they look more alike each minute. Aiden is trying really hard to sit up on his own and actually does pretty well with something slightly behind him. He loves his walker and likes to push himself backwards across the house. Of course, he likes it best if Connor pushes him and he goes along for the ride.
Izzy just gets more and more beautiful each day. Seriously! She is going to be a heartbreaker, but more so for her sparkling personality and strong work ethic. ;-) Izzy has really taken to using her hands and gains more control regularly. She also seems to be getting more control over her feet and LOVES to kick daddy.
Their Side-by-Side Photos:

These videos are just for me to keep as memories (and boy-oh-boy it is hard to hear my own annoying voice!)

First it's Aiden (in his seven month old outfit):


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I am dying over how cute both of your babies are!

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