Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This is what sick looks like

We got the phone call last Monday that Isabella was too sick to stay at daycare (102 fever), so my mom picked her up and stayed with her until her Daddy could get her. Tuesday, I got a sub and stayed home with Aiden and Izzy all day and night (while Mr. Howard worked a night shift). I took the babies with me to work in the morning and Mr. Howard met me there to pick them up after his night shift. Thursday is Mr. Howard's day to stay home with them anyway. So it was nice, because they had 3.5 full days of cuddling and snuggles.

It just breaks my heart. So Sad.
 They would cry and cry and cry. I know you can't tell completely, but their eyes were so red and swollen. You know that achy feeling when you're sick where everything hurts? I imagine that's what the babies were feeling. They'd turn their heads and cry; they'd roll over in bed and cry; I'd pick them up under their arms and they'd cry.

We're not big acetaminophen users over here, but we went through two huge bottles of it to manage their fevers (3 days x 2 sick babies x every 4 hours = 36 doses). On an aside, have you seen the new Tylenol syringes? They have push-in syringes and they are soo much better than those stupid droppers. I never could get the dosage right on those things.
tylenol-infants-syringe | GoodyBlog
Is it just me or does anyone else like to act out their childhood fantasies of being Doogie Howser, while holding the bottle of Tylenol upside down in the air, tapping it with your fingernail, and drawing out the medicine with the syringe?!? What? You don't have to tap it with your fingernail? Okay, I just do that for effect.  I do fully realize that the Doogie Howser reference just seriously aged me.
Both babies just wanted to be held and occasionally making faces at them would temporarily relieve their crying. I made a LOT of faces over the course of the week.

Thankfully, cross your fingers, Connor, Daddy, and I have all escaped the sickness. Unfortunately, I just called my Mama though and she got it! I feel so bad!!


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