Thursday, February 23, 2012

Funny Outtakes

I take a million photos in order to get the one good/perfect shot. In times past I've posted a few outtakes and people always get a kick out of them, so I thought I'd do it again. The first few aren't necessarily "bad," they just aren't what I wanted. I wanted a picture of Aiden and Connor looking at me and one of Izzy and Connor looking at me.

First Connor wanted his model car and wouldn't even look at me at all:
 I do think this is pretty cute! They're both looking at the car. But I was literally hopping up and down, saying "AIIIIDDDDEEEEN? COOONNNNNOOORRR!!" and they wouldn't look at me for one second:
 Connor and Izzy looked cute in this one, but I kept asking Connor to show me the car and he'd do this (below) and hold the car so you couldn't see it at all:
 Then I got him to put the car down and he pushed it out of the frame and Izzy looked down:
This one below is sweet. He does this regularly with her (touches her head or leans in lovingly):
 He put his arm around her and I tried to get him to look at me. He kept pointing to things on the car. At this point I was bribing him with an M&M (which OBVIOUSLY didn't work):
 The next few are from one of their weekly photos this month. Notice Isabella SCREAMING! Connor could have cared less and Aiden is actually laughing.
 Izzy's still crying, but Connor is trying to comfort her. In doing so, he was literally leaning against Aiden who was being smashed against the bed:
 At this point Mr. Howard tried to interject. We put Connor on the ground; Izzy was still crying, but we tried to position her so she wasn't so upset:
 Izzy stopped crying, but Aiden fell - along with the teddy:
The weekly photos are always such an adventure. There are some weeks I think, "And WHY am I doing this again?" but mostly I think it is like anything else. It might take a little more time and effort, but it's worth it in the end. Who knows if any of my kids will actually enjoy the photos and appreciate that I took the 10 minutes each week to do them, but if for no one else, I love looking back at them. I remember little stories about each week and have fond memories and funny anecdotes about certain photos. I know how fast life goes and it certainly helps me to remember to slow down and cherish those moments.


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