Friday, February 24, 2012

Just a Kidney Update

I had an MRI on Tuesday morning to look at my kidney angiomyolipoma (a benign tumor on my kidneys). I haven't gotten the results yet, but I'm hoping to soon. For those of you new to my blog, they discovered I had cysts and a benign tumor on my kidneys after Cole passed away from multicystic dysplastic kidney disease in both kidneys. I originally had an MRI scheduled in November of 2010, but found out I was pregnant with twins (no MRI's for pregnant ladies...). They wanted to do the MRI first to make sure that it was what they thought it was and secondly so that they have images of it for future reference, to ensure it is not growing.

This is not a picture from my MRI, but this is what an MRI machine looks like. It was super, super narrow and I didn't think I'd have a hard time, but it did feel a bit confining - especially with an IV in my arm and my arms extended over my head. I think also being in there for 30 minutes may have made it feel so claustrophobic.

Aiden had his kidney ultrasound today. This was a follow-up ultrasound to the one he had when he was only a couple days old. We know he has no function in his left kidney; but the doctors wanted a clear picture of both kidneys to determine if his "good" kidney had any cysts in it. First the technician looked at his right kidney and took about 15 pictures. Then she moved on to his left. I asked her if she'd point out the cysts to me and she said, "If I can even find it." After about 5 minutes she said she was taking a picture of something she thought MIGHT be his kidney, but that it was so small she couldn't be sure. This is what we expected, just not so soon. We were told that often when a kidney has no function, it will shrivel up and sort of "go away." How crazy is that though?!? We'll know more after speaking to his pediatric nephrologist, but from my understanding, this is good news (in terms of the fact that it will not cause problems, infections, or later need surgery).


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That is great news! Payton just had surgery on his left kidney. He will need one more to complete everything.

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