Friday, February 3, 2012

A Sushi Family Affair

On the 26th (last Thursday), after a long day of training, I texted Mr. Howard asking him if he wanted to go to sushi. I probably text him this 5 times a week, but it's a production to go because we are now a family of 5 (not to mention the fact that we couldn't afford to go out 5 times a week!). The stares we get are sometimes hard to handle. But this particular night, after a day of Mr. Howard being home alone with three littles, he jumped at the chance! We packed the kids up and headed out! (Note to self: Ask Mr. Howard to go out on a night when he's had the kids all day)

I love when Mr. Howard dresses the babies, because he puts them in things I forget we own. I'm the one who dresses them normally (only on Thursdays do I not have this responsibility) and I'm the one who does their laundry. So I fall into patterns and tend to put them in my favorite stuff. When I came home and saw Connor in this outfit, he said "Mama? Cute?" Oh Gosh is he ever!
 Our motto when it comes to sushi: start 'em young!
 The babies were in a stroller to my right and Mr. Howard's left. I think because they were in a stroller, we didn't get a ton of stares and pointing. Thank Goodness. I really have to say, it happens so regularly, we're getting used to it. I can't even imagine people with triplets or quads or...(do people with anything more than that actually go out? Hehe!). I think mostly we get a ton of stares because they're thinking, "THEY ARE INSANE to take twin babies and a toddler to a sit-down restaurant!" But if we didn't take them, we'd never get out and we NEED to get out.
Saturday (after this photo) we got Connor a haircut and I'm sure you can see why. Also, it's important to note the car on Connor's napkin. We regularly, now, travel with a bunch of cars.


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