Sunday, February 26, 2012

Thirty-four Weeks Old

 We knew things would be crazy today, so we made sure to get these photos taken before we left early in the morning on Thursday (Aiden had an ultrasound at 8:30am, so we packed everyone up early, went to the ultrasound, and then headed to Southern California directly after). We are EXHAUSTED tonight, but I wanted to make sure that I got these uploaded before the craziness of this week sets in (we have unpacking, laundry, cleaning, organizing, and more laundry to do after our trip).

My mother-in-law made Izzy's dress; I don't know if I've ever photographed her in it. I thought it would be perfect for Southern California with some tights - cool for the 75 degree beach weather, but warm for the car with a little blanket. Didn't she look adorable?!? And I put Aiden in his adorable Lucky shirt. =)

We are officially in need of switching their diapers to the bigger size (they're in 1's now). But I just can't seem to waste the old ones. So we're stretching out the 20 or so diapers I have left and we'll switch them some time this week.

I'll try to catch up on last week's excitement and my MRI results soon. to snuggle for the first time in about four days with my hubby!


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