Monday, March 12, 2012

Cooler Than Me

On Saturday we watched our neighbor's two children for the day. The day was so beautiful - so we were able to go outside for a couple hours in the morning and then in the afternoon we took the kids around the block. Connor drove his mini.

Youtube has this feature where you can add music to your videos now (pre-uploaded music that you just choose from). So I thought "Cooler than Me" was the perfect song for this video.
Here are the seven of us on our walk/bike ride.
What he's thinking: "I'm too cool to smile!"
 I bought this new headband for Isabella and after taking this picture, she destroyed it. It was the first time she ever wore it. Bummer.
 When we got back, we hung out in front of our house for a bit and Connor got out his tools and started fixing Daddy's wheels. Is he my husband's son or what?!?
It was the perfect way to spend a Saturday!


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