Saturday, March 17, 2012

Date Night

Everyone in the South keeps talking about this beautiful Spring weather they're having. We've had more rain in the past week than we've had in the past few months. It has rained everyday since Monday (4 inches of rain) and the forecast is predicting it will be raining for a while longer. Here are the next five days:

Any teacher knows that rainy days are difficult (especially with 9 school days until Spring Break)! But we'll survive.

Last night was our date night. I've mentioned this before but our daycare does 4 nights where they have the kids over, in their pajamas, for pizza, movies, and treats. It's such a fun night and Connor was especially excited last night. "PARTY?!?" he kept repeating on the way over there. My favorite part about it is that the kids all enjoy it so much; there's no sense of guilt of leaving your kids behind. I always volunteer to bring treats and I usually try to do something a little different each time. This time I took to pinterest to find something St. Patrick's Day inspired and came up with THESE from Our Best Bites. Unfortunately, after 3-4 store visits, I could not find full-size rainbow twizzlers. So I found tiny bags and made them mini sized. It actually worked out since the kids are all 4 and younger.

I also made a few skittles ones, inspired by This Lady from "it is what it is"!
 Connor was so proud to take them in!
 And we made over 20 - so I hope they were able to give some away!
It was still pouring rain when we went out (no fancy dinner for me in the rain), so we went to our favorite sushi restaurant about 30 minutes away and enjoyed the quiet dinner without any babies. That, ALONE, is worthy of celebrating. =) It's amazing the kinds of conversations you can have when they aren't interrupted every 3.2 seconds with a request, a cry, or a squeal.
Evenings like that are just good for the soul!
I love you times infinity to the infinite power, Mr. Howard!


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I love the treats. I die.

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