Saturday, March 3, 2012


Aiden loves to talk. I know that sounds funny, but it seems he just discovered his voice a few weeks ago and can't stop talking. He is very good at sitting up on his own - still not a pro, but boy does he try hard. Aiden loves food. He loves his bottle; he loves being fed baby food. It doesn't matter what form it comes in, he loves it. I'm so happy he's a good eater like his big brother. Aiden's ultrasound revealed his left multi-cystic kidney is shrinking and his right healthy kidney is growing to take over the size and function of the other kidney. He's our little super hero.
We just moved them up to the next diaper size: 3. Yay! Aiden is wearing mostly 6-mon clothes, but can still fit in 3 month shirts and pants (in fact, the outfit in the picture above is all 3 month).
When music comes on or you sing to Isabella, she likes to sing back. It's so funny. She isn't great at sitting up, but she just started taking an interest in it. She'll use her tummy muscles to sit forward when you prop her now. She can really hold her bottle well. She'll find it next to her and work and work to get it in her mouth. I love this time when they realize that THEY have the power to do the things they want. Such a fun age. Isabella is not as good at eating as her brothers are and were, but she loves the spoon. When I'm feeding Aiden, I can give her a spoon and she's happy for a while just staring, turning, and poking herself with the spoon. Her ability to grasp objects, move them from hand-to-hand, and position them the way she wants is at the professional level now. ;-) Isabella's ultrasound revealed that her duplicated ureter is not causing any problems whatsoever. She is perfectly healthy!
We just moved them up to the next diaper size: 3. Yay! Isabella is now wearing 3-6 month and 6 month clothes. The bigger sizes fit her, but they're a little loose- but I'm getting sick of seeing her in the same 20 outfits - so I'm branching out to the bigger sizes as a fashion statement. Haha! Hopefully my Mothers of Multiples Group will have a clothing swap soon because we're running low on winter clothes around here.  

I know I say this every week and every month, but seriously I just so whole-heartedly adore them - from their fingers to their toes. You know, before I had twins I had so many questions: would I bond with one more? Would I have a different relationship with them? Would I, gasp, love one of them more than the other? I was never worried about if I could love them - if I'd have enough room in my heart. I knew I would love them - in the same way I loved the dogs when they each joined our family, the same way my heart grows for my hubby, the same way I loved Connor when he joined our family. And I can honestly say that I did bond with them differently. I do have a different relationship with them. I know that it will grow and evolve into something completely different when they're older and I'm okay with that. But I can also honestly say that I don't love either one any more than the other and that is the same with Connor. What a relief that is. I just love all my children so differently.
For comparison's sake. Look at how precious they are!!


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