Sunday, March 11, 2012

Family Movie Night

Thursday Night/Friday Morning Mr. Howard had to be at work at 2am and then didn't get off until almost 4pm. Needless to say he was quite tired (as was I - have I ever mentioned what a light sleeper I am?!?).

So when we all got home from work on Friday, we piled into bed at 5:30pm and had a movie night. We all made it until almost 7 and then put the babies to bed.

The Boys
 The Girls
 The Family
Notice Izzy looking at Mama and Aiden looking at Connor - So cute!

What cracked me up was that Saturday morning when we went to get Connor from his crib he didn't say "good morning!" or "I love you," or any of his normal greetings. Instead he said, "MOVIE?!?" He knew we hadn't finished and was more than a little upset about it!


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