Monday, March 5, 2012

My Aunt's Service and Saturday

Last Friday, February 24th we had my Aunt's Memorial Service. There were over 200 people who showed up, which just goes to show how many lives she touched. Six people spoke about the impact she had on their lives and it was just beautiful and touching. I loved their honesty and sincerity. It is not easy to stand in front of 200 people and bare your soul. I hope she looked down at the service and smiled - at all the people who came to celebrate her life, at all the people who cried for her, and maybe even laughed a little at all the little ones in the service who giggled loudly or screamed in the middle of the quiet parts (why do kids not ever make noise during the singing or loud parts?).

I didn't get a photo of the program until after Connor got ahold of it. Oops!

On Saturday we spent the day with family and new friends - talking, eating good food, laughing, and sharing memories. It felt good to spend a day - a whole day - just being (without to-do's and an agenda). It is certainly what my aunt would have wanted. And then in the evening we were able to go out to dinner with my cousins and uncle. It actually broke my heart that we didn't get the opportunity to do that with my aunt, because if anyone would have LOVED to see us all together - it would definitely have been her. Even just writing that makes me so sad. I love and miss her so much.
*iPhone Picture* at dinner!

(Above): Family
 (Above): All the Cousins and Second Cousins
My hopes are that this teaches us all and serves as a reminder that life is too short. May we hug our loved ones a little more closely, make amends with those we feel have wronged us, forgive with our whole heart, make time for friends and family instead of promising to do it another day, laugh more completely, and live without regrets.


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