Saturday, March 3, 2012

My MRI Results

I still have a lot of recapping to do on our weekend, but in the meantime I realized I never posted my MRI results. It was a lot more in depth than we thought it would be and they discovered a few more things. I needed a little bit of time to process it all.

If you're unsure why I had an MRI, check out THIS post. What they found: two cysts in one kidney, a cyst and angiomyelepoma in the other, a gallstone, and a cyst in my liver. All the cysts are relatively small, and our medical geneticist (she's an MD, not a genetics counselor) is not recommending that I have surgery. However, she would feel more comfortable if I get a second opinion with a urologist to determine that surgery is not necessary. She is recommending that I go every Valentine's Day (roughly) to have a renal ultrasound done to look at the cysts and angiomyelepoma to make sure they aren't growing/getting worse.

As far as the gallstone, it is possible mine is hereditary (we only know my dad's medical history, as my mom is adopted). But they can also be caused by rapid weight gain and rapid weight loss (would you say gaining 40 pounds in 9 months is rapid?), so it's possible it happened because of my twin pregnancy - or all three pregnancies back-to-back (1 baby in 2009, 1 baby in 2010, and 2 babies in 2011). Either way I need to make sure that I am eating healthy foods from now on. Because it isn't causing any problems, who knows how long it's been there...or how long I would have had it without ever knowing about it. The same really goes for the cysts.

My number one question was: is this all hereditary? And again the answer is they don't know. There aren't any studies to date that indicate any correlation between all these things and yet - I have all this stuff going on with my kidneys and I've now had three babies who all have kidney "issues." It seems suspect to me. The doctor did ask me if I was interested in having my family studied so that they can begin to document these connections and I emphatically said, YES! I would love to know more, but more important to me is that some day we have more answers for my kids (especially if there's a possibility of them passing on the multicystic dysplastic kidney condition on to their kids).

So there you have it. Not too big of news. But for me, I guess, it just leaves some more unanswered questions.

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