Saturday, March 17, 2012

A New Job

Mr. Howard started college in Palm Springs when he graduated high school in 2001. But when I moved to Irvine, he eventually followed me and started his college journey over at a new school. In 2005 when we moved to Davis so that I could pursue my Master of Arts from UC Davis, Mr. Howard had to start over once again at a new school. Then after we got married and moved again, Mr. Howard finally found a school that he felt confident would lead him in his path to once and for all finish his degree. He finally graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Leadership in December of 2011 with a 4.0 from Chapman University. And then he began the arduous task of finding a job that not only put his degree to good use, but also put the priorities of our family first.

After searching and searching and interviewing and interviewing, we found out on Tuesday that Mr. Howard had received a job offer. I can't tell you how difficult it's been to keep it all a secret - all the interviews (5 to be exact), all the applications, the phone calls, the negotiating. But now that Mr. Howard has finally told his current job and everything is official - it feels like such a huge chip off my shoulder.

In an absolutely perfect world Mr. Howard would have a Monday - Friday job that allows him unlimited time to spend with his family and makes millions and millions of dollars (ha!). But in our current perfect world right now, Mr. Howard has a job that will allow him to be with our family every other weekend, a job that will still allow him to stay home with the babies while I'm working once a week, a job that values his work/family balance, a job that uses his degree (in fact, a job that he would not have been able to get WITHOUT his degree), a job with benefits for our whole family, a job with a discount to target (woot woot!), and a job that will provide us more financial stability. I'm excited that he will have opportunities for growth, and I pray that he is able to offer them everything they're looking for in a leader.

I've mentioned before that every January we set family goals instead of New Year's Resolutions and this was our #1 Family Goal for 2012!!

We certainly wouldn't turn down anyone's prayers for a successful job transition in three weeks!


Courtney said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

so proud of you!!! praying you will also be closer to home!

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