Monday, March 5, 2012


I am not a professional photographer. And I am certainly not a professional photograph editor. Thankfully that role rests solely in my sister's hands. She is the creative one. She is the one with the "eye." She is the one who can take photos that knock your socks off.

BUT, I am someone who loves to take photographs and wants to do a better job at it. Pinterest has helped me with articles titled Rule of Thirds and Photo Tips and Tricks. Websites like Paint the Moon and The Coffee Shop Blog have also helped me learn how to be a better editor (I have photoshop elements) and have a better eye. Of course, it's hard for me to break habits - habits that have been formed for 28 years (like centering the subject of the photo smackdab in the middle of the lens). The only real problem is that I don't have a nice camera and I really don't see the need. My sister is always there with her photographer's camera in the moments I really want to capture - and yet, the "goofball/commit-to-every-hobby 110%" person in me wants it.

So, in the spirit of having some fun, I found this action on The Coffee Shop Blog and had so much fun putting in a few photos and making color boards out of them. You put your photograph in and then it allows you to pull out the colors from the photo. Don't they look cool when they're finished?

This one is so happy and bright! It's not a spring photo, but it might as well be:
I think a lot of times when people think about editing, they think about photoshopping someone to look smaller, or make a blemish go away. But editing, is WAYYY more than that. Again, this is coming from a self-proclaimed novice with no photography training. So if I can do this - anyone can. This photo below was taken at the beach with my point and shoot on the left. The one on the right, I applied two actions to the photo. That's it. And what a HUGE difference it makes. Don't you think?
Because I mentioned Spring and it reminded me, you have to see this photo my sister took that totally represents Spring. I seriously adore this photo!!!


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