Sunday, March 18, 2012

Thirty-Seven Weeks Old

These outfits you're going to see over again in my St. Patrick's Day Post. =) But they were too cute to take just two photos.

Aiden and Isabella are finally getting to that "hard to be contained" stage. You set them down and they roll and roll and roll. They squirm and move and kick. Mommy HORRIBLE confession of the week: Aiden fell off the couch yesterday. I put him on the couch to take a picture of the babies in their St. Patrick's Day outfit, turned to get the camera and *bam* he fell. Poor, sweet baby. I guess he better get used to having an idiot for a mom. Although, to be fair, Mr. Howard was also home. We'll blame it partly on him, since he isn't here to defend himself.

 I remember this stage with Connor. It happened a lot sooner (in fact, he was crawling at 26 weeks and walking at 39 weeks), but it was fun none-the-less. It's the realization that your little baby is an actual child (they do more than just lay like rag-dalls). It's the realization that before you know it they're going to be walking and talking and...driving cars (deep and and out...). It's such an exciting time, but it's also a little scary - it means baby-proofing the house and not setting your baby down on couches without a ridiculously close eye glued to said baby. I love this time!

We went to the dollar tree today to look for party favors for the babies' first birthday. I know it seems super early, but I heard they had favors that matched our theme. We're about 15 weeks away from their first birthday. Wow!


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