Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thirty-six Weeks Old

I was looking at Connor's first year book (which I'll show you soon) and I was shocked at how early he did everything - compared to the twins. I know that they were preemies which puts their developmental milestones on a different schedule, but wow what a difference.

The babies are getting pretty close to crawling. Aiden has much stronger legs and I think he'll probably walk before Isabella Lynn, but I think that Bella will probably crawl sooner. When you put Aiden on the ground, he just screams. At least Izzy tries to put her little knees underneath her body.

 I've been saying they're teething for months now and they've made liars out of me because they refuse to pop out little teeth. I'm convinced that once they do - they'll pop out 3 teeth at once.
We set their first birthday party date and I cannot even believe we are getting close to that. I swear we were JUST in the hospital giving birth.


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