Friday, March 16, 2012

What We've Been Up to

We have been crazy busy lately. It is unbelievable how I used to think I was busy. Our typical work day looks like this:

  • 5-6am - Wake up. Give the babies a bottle. I get in the shower.
  • 6am - Begin getting ready for work: make-up, blow dry hair, get dressed.
  • 6:30am - Make breakfast for Connor and me. Make Coffee. Pack a snack for work.
  • 7am - Give Connor his oatmeal or toast in bed. Begin getting all three kids dressed. They all need a new outfit and a diaper change. Aiden and Isabella get put in their carseats. I get Connor dressed last. When he's ready I take him directly to the car. I then come back and get Aiden and Isabella. Then the diaper bag, my lunch, my purse, and my water bottle.
  • 7:20am - Drive to daycare. Drop Off. Aiden and Isabella are getting heavier and I'm having to take them one-by-one into school.
  • 7:30am - Drive to work.
  • 8:00am - Arrive at work.
  • 8:00am - 4:00 - Hang out with 13-year-olds. Teach them a thing or two. ;-)
  • 4:00 - 4:30 - Leave work.
  • 5:00pm - Arrive at home. Start dinner, while straightening kitchen.
  • 5:30pm - Eat Dinner.
  • 6:00pm - Pack diaper bag with three outfits, diaper cream, wipes. Sign any forms that need to be signed for Connor's school. Clean out his bag and look at/read projects, daily sheet (it tells us what he did, what they learned, what projects they made, what songs they sang, what they ate, etc.), and anything else. Pack my purse, fill my water bottle, and pack lunch.
  • 6:30pm - Do laundry (this one I regularly put off in favor of playing with the kids), play with Connor, start bath.
  • 7:00pm - Get all three ready for bed. Do prayers, song, and tell Connor where he's going the next day (since some days he goes to my mom's, some days he goes to school, and some days he stays home with us - we like to tell him ahead of time so he knows the schedule).
  • 7:30pm - Clean dishes from dinner. Clean up Connor's toys. Move laundry to dryer/put laundry away. Clean, clean, clean. Make treats for school parties/work pot-lucks. Go online. Blog.
  • 8:00pm - Get in bed. Read books with hubby or watch a movie. The babies usually wake up once or twice a night still and because of this and our early wake-ups, we try to go to bed a little earlier.
Thankfully we only do that schedule three times a week. On Mr. Howard's day off they do a lot of pajama/hang out/play time. On my two days off we usually do much of the same type of hanging out/playing. One of my two days off I add in meal planning, and a big costco trip. One day a week two of the kids go and hang out with my mom. Our schedule is the same on the Nana days, except that I actually leave the house at 6:40am. It's pretty crazy, but I have to say that when I was waking up twice a night to pump - it was way crazier.
 My sister is a nanny for a family and so she's responsible for straightening their house, doing the kids laundry, and going through/organizing their closets. While I adore my daycare and all the experiences my kids get through active play, music, art, story-time, puppet shows, and crafts - I would give my right arm to have someone do my kids' laundry and straighten my house. It would save me precious, precious time! I mean, do you see these cuties?!? Who wouldn't want to spend time with them?
 Have I also mentioned we have two dogs (one of whom has Addison's Disease and requires regular shots and vet visits)?

Before I had kids, I had a spotless house, a bed that was always made, laundry that was always done, craft lists that were constantly dwindling, and a million notches on my tried-new-recipes belt. And now, I have become the master find-a-second and use it to the best of my ability tradesman. I get from 7:30 until 8pm to clean my house, pack diaper bags, pack lunches, do laundry, craft, complete to-do's, make treats for school, facebook, and read blogs and let me tell you it is a challenge every single day. Everyday I have to decide what is the most important to-do and prioritize my life. I could probably stay up until midnight getting everything done that REALLY needs to be done - but time with my hubby is more important than having clean clothes. Right?

These precious little ones bring such light to my life. And I cannot tell you how unbelievably blessed we are. Is it crazy? Yes. Is it different than how I imagined it would be? Yes. But is it soo much better? HECK YES!!


Holly said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Wow, even just READING your schedule makes me feel tired! :O

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