Thursday, April 5, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

On Sunday we took the kids to an Easter Egg Hunt put on by my Mothers of Multiples Group. They had two hunts - one for little kids under 3 and one for bigger kids. It was nice because the littler kid one had the eggs out on the basketball court (where everyone could see them SUPER easily) and then the bigger kid one was in the grass where they were hidden a bit more.

I am in love with Connor's age right now because everything is so exciting and new. In the car ride over there we told him we were going to an Easter Egg Hunt and he kept asking if you put the eggs in the basket. I'm sure he was thinking, "And WHY are we putting eggs in a basket?!?" My favorite part about the whole morning was when we told Connor that Aiden and Izzy were too little to put the eggs in their own baskets and asked him if he would help the babies. He was so cute. "Izzy eggs..." he said as he gathered eggs for her! "Aiden eggs..." He took his job very seriously!
Isabella and her Easter Basket:
 Daddy and the boys:
 Daddy and Aiden:
 Daddy Explaining how to do an Easter Egg Hunt:
 Waiting until they say "go":
 Egg Hunting:
 Then we gave him Aiden's Basket and asked him to get a few Eggs:
 And Izzy's Basket too:
 He did such a good job:
 Aiden holding his "loot":
Oh my goodness - look at her face! She was so excited!!
Our Family:
These outfits are the ones I posted in there 39 week photos. Grandma Howard got them these before they were even born.

I promise I didn't stage this photo! He put his arm on her on his own.
My three cuties!
Oh I adore them!
Getting Connor to pose for photos with us is impossible. As it is we bribed him to sit with his sister and brother by saying we'd let him eat one of the pieces of chocolate from his Easter Egg. 
Aiden is SO expressive when he wants to be. But when he is in a mood - man-oh-man - he is in a mood!
We have another Easter Egg hunt this weekend! =)


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I love the little bunny outfits the twins wore, so cute! I think we may take G Easter egg hunting this weekend, so we will see how she does!

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