Sunday, April 15, 2012

Forty-one Weeks Old

If it's possible to have a camera curse, The Howard Bunch certainly has one. No joke, we have gone through about 4-5 cameras in the past 3 or so years. It is ridiculous! Today at the zoo another one bit the dust. It fell right out of our stroller and shattered the screen rendering it completely useless. Before that, we had a camera and the lense shattered. Before that, we went to the grocery store and our camera must have fallen out of the car because when we got home the camera was gone. And of course none of the warranties cover shattered screens or lenses. Ahhhhh. I am so angry that we now have to go buy another one!!!

Okay, rant over. These photos were taken on the ipad.
 Aiden got his very first tooth on Tuesday, April 10th! Izzy isn't too far behind brother, but I'm guessing it'll be another few weeks before we see it break the surface. (Just as a comparison, Connor got his first tooth at 29 weeks old - what a difference!).

Isabella has been clapping for a few weeks now, so I decided to work on clapping with Aiden. He was interested, but didn't seem to be able to do it. Mr. Howard suggested we teach him to wave (by opening and closing his fist). I literally opened and closed my fist to show him and simultaneously he did it with me. There must be too much coordination involved in trying to clap for him, but he at least gets the concept of mimicking or repeating our gestures.
I am especially bummed the camera wasn't working, because I so wanted to get a good picture of Aiden in his outfit. My mother-in-law bought this for him before he was born and it is ridiculously adorable!!! It is a smocked romper with boats on it. Oh my heart. I sewed the headband Isabella is wearing. =)


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They are so adorable!! Sorry to hear about your camera. Thats a bummer. :-(

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