Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy Easter Weekend Part 2

Sunday we decided to stay home, rather than go to my parents'. I think this was the first year since we've lived up here. It was nice to celebrate the day as a family of five. Rather than post 12 million photos (actually I think I took 89), I made some collages.
On Easter morning a few years ago, (Connor's first Easter) it was raining and so the Easter Bunny put the eggs inside the house. Ever since then, he's been leaving the eggs inside.
I just adore bunny ears:
 Aiden and Izzy didn't participate in the Easter Egg hunt, but brother walked their baskets around for them and collected eggs. It was very sweet.
Easter Ears:
And for my favorite part about the early Easter Morning
Coffee on the couch for Mom and Dad; Easter Eggs filled with fishies for Connor; and the new Muppets Movie Connor got on the screen. Aiden and Izzy were hanging out in their play area (the red, yellow, and blue "baby jail" in the top right of the picture).
Afterwards, we got everyone dressed and ready for the day. Of course that involved a few more photoshoots.
I gave all the kids a bath in the morning (since we had a late night the night before), hence Connor's wet hair. 
 Since it is impossible for me to get one picture of all three of my cuties looking at the camera, we took three pictures and I made it into one. Don't you just love Isabella's watermellon dress?
 The hubby didn't feel like shaving and so he didn't want to be in any photos. When I was bummed that Connor wouldn't put on the bunny ears, however, he humored me and let me take a photo of him in them.
For dinner we had lamb and artichokes. It was the first time I've ever made lamb before and I didn't do that great of a job (although the hubby LOVED it). If any of you have a good rack of lamb recipe, I'd love to perfect it before next year. 


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